White by Vera Wang

This post is definitely heavily influenced by work - this is a White by Vera Wang bridesmaids' dress that just arrived in my store. It's an organza overlay dress with the one-shoulder bow detailing and the flange skirt. I super duper love this dress. I saw it in the catalogue and strength training before the dress actually arrived in the store, and I was like 'Eh, it's cute - but obviously only because the model is like a size negative 2'. But then the dress came in a couple days ago and I've kind of been eye-ing it on our racks and in our back room - so I decided to try it on.

It's very flattering - if you don't have the curves and hips, it kind of creates an illusion that you do, especially with the flange organza skirt, and even if you already have the curves, it accentuates them; so overall, flattering.

The only issue I have with it, is the random bow on the shoulder. It's cute, but it's not tacked down, so it touches the face and will probably ruin make-up unless it gets sewn down. At $218.00 it's pretty affordable for a Vera Wang dress! I want it. Next paycheque ... 

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