So I just placed an order for these. I really don't know if I can pull them off with my short little legs - but I guess we'll find out in a couple days. I'm a fan of the whole masculine vs feminine thing that it brings but again, you need mile-long legs to pull them off! 

Being me, I went online and looked up a couple ways for short-legged people to pull off oxfords before I even thought about buying them. Most websites gave me the same advice, so I'm going to assume it's true! They all said to go with tights, socks or pants that are a similar shade to the shoe - when the shoe and your leg are a similar shade it apparently helps elongate! Also, to show some ankle helps - I guess pants that are cutting too close to the feet will cut your legs off at an awkward place and create the illusion of shorter legs! And lastly - high-waisted always creates the illusion of longer legs; pants, skirts, shorts - pull them up to accentuate your waist at a higher part of your body so your legs look nice and long. I'll post photos when they arrive!


  1. Hello! I was browsing your blog, and I must say, I quite enjoy it! I am definitaly follow! I absolutely love your style!

    They oxfords are too cute! I have been really wanting to invest in some, but haven't quite found the perfect pair for me... I'm short (5 foot) but my legs are long in comparison to my body as a whole, but once I settle on a pair I am definitely going to implement your tips! I look forward to seeing/reading more! :)