do right and kill everything

Talula Bustier.  J Brand Jeans. Style & Co Pumps. BCBG Watch. Boyfriend Blazer.

I went with a pair of jeans for the outdoor OVOXO Drake concert I attended. They proved to be useful when I needed to climb over a fairly tall railing to get to my seats! A skirt definitely would not have worked out. Plus there's my irrational fear of mosquitoes. My photos feature a pair of red pumps my mother brought back from a trip to Buffalo with her girlfriends, but I didn't actually wear them to the concert - didn't think it would be very practical!

I had amazing night. Drake, Rick Ross, The Weeknd, NAS, J.Cole, Stevie Wonder and Lil' Wayne made the steep prices for parking worth it. Great music with even greater friends, greatest day of my summer thus far!
Ps. Sorry the picture quality has sucked for this post, and the last - my DSLR has recently been otherwise occupied! Hopefully she'll be back soon ...


  1. love the outfit and the shoes! its ridiculous how much you look like our cousin you are so gorgeous!

  2. Loving your style! Would you like to do a feature on our page called "Teen Lexi" or "Global Style". Stop by and check it out:-) We are also now following you.

    ~Bobbie & Meesh